Species a week

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From February a different endangered/vulnerable organism will be shared every week, with a short introduction and image. Some of the first posts will feature artworks exhibited as part of VERGE, but later we’ll share art by other South African artists, and later international artists.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species, which assesses the conservation status of plants, fungi and animals across the globe, show that 281 species with some or all of their range in South Africa are currently classified on the Red List as critically endangered or endangered, and even more are classified vulnerable. Of these, 209 are critically endangered. (Source)

By just focusing on South African endangered species we have enough work to do for about 5 years if we only share one endangered South African organism per week! Support the Patreon campaign and we can work towards sharing a species per day. To date about 91 523 species has been assessed for the IUCN red list. There’s 365 days in a year…

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