Art in Support of Endangered Species

Initiated and currently run by artists in South Africa, led by visual artist Janet Botes, this project has launched as a group exhibition entitled VERGE at the Knysna Art Gallery. As part of the project we are working towards bringing different people together to learn, share and support new understandings, ideas and solutions towards the protection of species in our country.

We initiate, support or participate in creating art, creative projects, events, workshops, talks & film screenings that relate to biodiversity, species conservation, habitat protection & how we can support regeneration of our ecosystems in the way we do our farming, gardening, and shopping.

Partnership & Support

To partner with us or support the project, please get in touch! Art has an important role to play in raising awareness & inspiring change. Similar projects: Art for the Earth / Art for ConservationFor more information, or to get involved, contact Janet at or +2772 331 5057.