Annie le Roux


I often have the feeling that i don’t belong. Mostly this feeling arises in homes, in suburbs or in cities where us humans have made our cozy noisy nests. However, it is when I am where humans aren’t, with only nature around me as far as the year can see, and as far as my ears can hear, I belong. Immediately.

I sometimes feel like a bird flying into a glass windowpane where open air should have been. Frightened, dumbstruck and dizzy from searching for a sense of belonging even within the homely space I have made with such tenderness and care.
Wild spaces fosters my belonging. The dark night sky brings me home. The stones and veld and far horison speaks a language the very deepest nature of my being understands. Nature mirrors our own quiet and wild vastness within. Without such spaces I too would whimper, wilt and die as countless species do daily, without their natural home or habitat, without a space of true belonging.

As i love, live, work, walk and travel between the Tankwa Karoo, Cape West Coast and Plettenberg Bay, I will be focusing on the species which has a deep, rich personal or mythical relevance to me : species like the critically endangered River Rhine rabbit of the Tankwa Karoo, the flowy and floaty eel grass in the estuaries and lagoons of the Garden Route and the rough rugged Renosterveld of the Cape and Klein Karoo.