Chris Lochner resides in the Helderberg, surrounded by the inspiring diversity of the Cape Floristic Region. After completing a BSc at the University of Stellenbosch in 2011 he became interested in the field of scientific illustration, and received tuition from with renowned botanical artist, Vicki Thomas. He has been exhibiting since 2015 and taken part in group-exhibitions at Kirstenbosch and the Irma Stern Museum. 

Watercolour is his main medium and he has grown to most enjoy painting dry plant matter with its accentuated forms and limited, but vibrant, palette.

“Traditional botanical art focuses on the defining characteristics of plants. I prefer to depict subject matter with all its inherent flaws and to sometimes change scale in order to reveal detail that is otherwise hidden. The interplay of order and chaos, complexity and simplicity, makes organic matter very appealing and the recognition of beauty in its transience and imperfection informs my work. I hope that my paintings will inspire viewers to look closer and appreciate these qualities in plants and all parts of nature, animate and inanimate.”