Helena Joubert


“My focus for this exhibition is not only on particular threatened species, but also threatened vegetation types. The combination and incredible variety of plant species and other living organisms are intertwined and delicately interdependent and in any many cases unknown. Apart from the obvious threats like development, farming practices and alien infestation, introduction of another species, exotic and even indigenous, can alter the conditions needed for survival of a species and vegetation types irreversibly.”

Helena Joubert is based in Knysna, and have a deep connection with the local landscape. A horticulturist specialising in vegetation rehabilitation, she is acutely aware of the devastation exacted by humans on our fragile eco-systems and how near impossible it is to truly ameliorate damage done.  She is an active trustee/volunteer at Pledge Nature Reserve in Knysna. In 2017 she exhibited at Avo Pomme, Knysna, under the theme ‘Black to Green’ – inspired by the regrowth after the devastating fires in the area in the winter of 2017. Helena creates oil studies of scented indigenous flowers, of which she also captures the perfume.