Jane Pitchford

Jane Pitchford studied Art & Design in Cape Town and is fascinated with nature and moved deeply by it.
“I lived near a lake for a while when I was growing up and my sister, dad and I spent hours exploring the reeds, fishing, paddling and figuring out all of the animals that we saw.  My father was British and when he moved to South Africa felt as though he had landed in heaven, a paradise that fascinated him and he spent time explaining his new discoveries to us. I am now fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world – with so much access to abundant flora and fauna – it has helped me to revisit those experiences and has deepened my appreciation of the creatures around us.”
“I love the focus that drawing to a small scale has given me, similar to meditation, I get lost in the detail and it quietens my over-active mind. I spent so much time living in the UK, always wishing that I was back in the S.A. So many of the plants and animals that I have chosen to draw are ones that I missed seeing while I was there. Others have been commissioned by people with a similar passion.”
A percentage from the sale of all of Jane’s originals and prints is given to Natures Valley Trust. Jane has chosen to contribute to the trust to assist them with their valuable work in the area. Prints of many of Jane’s illustrations are available at various stores in Knysna and Plett or through www.artfortheearth.com