Stefni Muller

As part of our little art shop section at VERGE we are selling selected pieces of Stefni Muller’s beautiful jewelery.

“Intrigue and absolute curiosity has me researching the journey of all things. I believe that everyone and everything has a story to tell, each person’s path is authentic and sacred in its own right.

I am driven by the irresistible whispers of the unknown. All things washed up, random, vintage and secondhand find their way into my studio through travel, locally and abroad. I incorporate these into my work and so have the opportunity to recreate, relive and most of all understand someone else’s walk of life.

Quality free range jewelry are one-off fine art pieces that celebrate all walks of life. Inspired by the streets, different cultures, architecture and especially nature where a limitless wonderland exists.

Through my work I hope to inspire you to discover who you are and to ultimately follow your heart.”