Are you having a laugh?

Jane Pitchford
Pencil, Gouache & Acrylic Paint

This illustration shows nine of the many South African flora and fauna that are unfortunately on the IUCN red list of endangered species.

“Are you having a laugh?” Is a phrase/question often used by British comedian Rickey Gervais…it’s another way of saying “are you kidding me?” Or “are you serious?”…with a high pitched voice and strong tone.

Some of the creatures and sculls in this piece seem to be laughing… extinction is not at all funny but I really love the way that Ricky has used his platform as a comedian to voice his anger at animal abuse, often using vulgar and extreme language to get his point across. “Comedy is a medicine – a healing process that can help people get through difficult times and understand things better.” Ricky Gervais

My hope – through humor and interaction – is that you will walk away feeling a little ‘tickled’ while seeing a collection of species that are in danger and searching for the quotes. I hope that experience transforms into a willingness to understand more and do something yourself. Their trouble is our trouble!

Species included (left to right): Pom Pom Protea, Leopard (skull), African Wild Dog (3 adult and 1 x pup), Secretary Bird, Brenton Blue Butterfly, Quiver Tree, Pangolin, Cape Parrot, Bread Palm, Red Disa Orchid, Rhino (skull), African White Backed Vulture

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