Pricks of Conscience

Ingrid Coerlin

‘Well now, who are you then?…..Part of that Power which would the Evil ever do, and ever does the Good….A riddle!
Say what it implies?……
I am the Spirit that denies! And rightly too; for all that doth begin should rightly to destruction run.’

When asked to be part in the group of the Reddataist – I was quite reluctant – I do not see myself as an activist – so I expressed my ambivalence in my piece ‘pricks of conscience’ – stitched thoughts on white Kikoi. As time went by and living in Knysna I was quite intrigued by this amazing creature called ‘Knysna Seahorse’ – which is unique to our rivers and – and one of the many sad members of the Reddata List.

Ingrid’s artworks for the Red Data Pavilion exhibition taking place in Venice during the 56th Biennale titled, Pricks of Conscience, embodies stitched thoughts on white Kikoi cloth expressing her ambivalence and serving to contradict the text “not sure if I really care” and “who am I to judge”.