Sphen – African Penguin

Quintin Horn

Print size: 540mm x 540mm
Frame size: 600mm x 600mm
Print: Archival print on watercolour paper
Edition: 1/1

IUCN: Spheniscus demersus (African Penguin)
Status: Endangered A2ace+3ce+4ace ver 3.1
Pop. trend: decreasing

Wikipedia: The African penguin is a member of the class Aves, and the order Sphenisciformes. It belongs to the penguin family Spheniscidae. It is classified as Spheniscus demersus. The genus to which the African penguin belongs, Spheniscus, derives from the Ancient Greek word sphen, which means wedge. This refers to their streamlined body shape. Its species name, demersus, is a Latin word for “plunging”.[5] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/African_penguin