This website serves as digital catalogue of VERGE – an exhibition held by a group of artists at the Old Gaol Museum complex in Knysna in November 2018, in collaboration with the Knysna Art Society and several environmental organisations who offered workshops and talks around biodiversity and the conservation of endangered and vulnerable species. 

A big thank you to the artists, Dr. Louw Claassens, Dr. Mark Brown, Dr. Dave Edge, Dr Chloé Guerbois, Sue Swain, members from the Outramps CREW, Mark Dixon, Philippa Mallac, Vernon Pendlebury, and Nanna (Helena) Joubert. A special thanks to Ricardo van den Lingen, Bernice Haman, Finn Rautenbach and Lindie Calitz, and everyone else who helped, supported and participated to make this such a great project!